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Secrets Of A Patent Attorney


For the Inventor who would like to learn how to draft and file a Provisional/Non-Provisional Utility Patent without an attorney.

April M. Mosby (CEO/Principal, Author, and Patent Attorney) reveals all the tools that you need to draft a patent application like a registered Patent Attorney, who prizes quality work-product and efficiency. From over 20 years of experience, she provides knowledge on patent drafting skills, giving you just enough legal precedence to help you avoid the traps of litigation. Whether you are an inventor, a startup, a business owner, a patent agent, a law school student, or a patent attorney, the skills and the toolset disclosed herein will aid you in capturing the inventive concept within a well-written Specification, using a time and cost-effective process.

What you will learn in this book:

- Patent Law Demystified - Discover what patent law is really all about.
- Transform your Idea into an Invention using April's own "BRIGHT" methodology.
- Learn critical skills necessary for Patent drafting.
- Be guided through the Electronic Patent Application filing process.
- Learn what's necessary for both a Provisional and Non-Provisional Patent Application filing.
- Learn all sorts of productivity hacks that can be used to ramp up your production.
- Review just enough Case Law to master your patent case.
- And so much more.... (!!)

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As our way of saying thank you, we have compiled this IP guide for Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Inventors.

From this guide, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of when you should file a Patent, Trademark, and Copyright.
  • Learn the difference between a Provisional and a Non-Provisional Patent Application
  • Should you file a Design Patent or a Utility Patent? Or Should you file both?
  • What to expect with regards to the Patent Examination Process
  • Learn how to devise a Intellectual Property Filing Strategy
  • And so much more ...
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