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By April M. Mosby, Esq.

If you have been looking for a resource to help you to write your own patent, you need to look no further. This book is a Game Changer!

It is within the pages of this book that April shares her secrets to success. In particular, she shares her innovative methodology for transforming an idea into an invention (“The BRIGHT Method”). She also shares her secrets for drafting “AMA-ZING” claims. Further, the book reveals her top 5 productivity “hacks” that have enabled her to cut the time of her workflow efforts in half.

As you work through the process described herein, you will increase your skillset. With an eye towards potential litigation and appellate review, April helps you to set up your patent case for success. Being exposed to the concepts written herein will align your thoughts with the mind-set of not only an attorney, but that of a judge!

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"Secrets of A Patent Attorney" contains everything you need to know about drafting a patent from scratch, from thought to design to implementation.



Patent Law Demystified - Discover what patent law is really all about.



Transform your Idea into an Invention using April's own "BRIGHT" methodology..

mobile devices


Learn what's necessary for both a Provisional and Non-Provisional Patent Application filing.

Pen and paper


Learn critical skills necessary for Patent drafting



Learn all sorts of productivity hacks that can be used to ramp up your production.



Be guided through the Electronic Patent Application filing process.

A Book For All Skill Levels

Secrets of A Patent Attorney consists of information for people of all skill levels whether you’ve been practicing for years or if you’ve never written a patent application. This book will benefit you and dramatically transform your mindset towards innovation and the capturing thereof. April's approach is to keep the book more practical and appealing for the Creatives of our times, while getting straight to the point with the information necessary to be sucessful and productive.



A Book Based On the Law and 25 Yrs of Patent Experience

This book was written based off of solid Patent Prosecution, Licensing, Litigation, and Appellate Experience. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim by a person that has not practiced law a day in their life. April Mosby has used her expertise in the law in the various sectors of Patent Law and condensed these principals down into a format that is digestable by most Inventors. In legal circles, this book is worth more than $200.00; yet, it was April's desire to give this training at a reasonable rate to those in need of this resource the most.

A Word From The Author

“I have always loved technology and innovation. More particularly, I enjoy thinking about digital and mechanical strategies to help solve everyday problems. This book is my idea of a creative way to share my passion for technology and the law that would both intrique the reader and enhance their patent filing strategy.”

About the Author

April Mosby has been drafting patent applications for more than 20 years, with over 350 patents drafted to date. She has sat on the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (currently known as the Patent Trial and Appeal Board) at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for over five years reviewing Patent Presecution Cases and drafting over 500 Appellate Decisions.

She has seen good prosecution; and she has seen the bad ...

If there is anyone who can teach you a thing or two about Patent Law, it would be Ms. Mosby. She is a person who has a heart for the everyday inventor. She can explain the excessively detailed process of Patent Law in a simplistic manner.

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