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Explore these 7 areas that can save you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in lost profits and losses, which you may experience if you ignore these important factors.

April Mosby, a Patent Attorney with over 25 years of Patent Prosecution Experience (drafting over 400 patents in the Electrical, Mechanical, Design Arts; drafted over 500 Patent Appellate Decisions), presents this Expert Training regarding Patent Drafting. This Expert Training is available to you at no cost.

What we will cover ...:

How to correct issues relating to writing your own Patent or preparing for someone else to draft your Patent, PRIOR to filing your own patent. Particularly, we will cover :

How to use Patent Searches to improve your Innovative Concept and Design

  • How and why to consider Patent Licensing potential when drafting a patent
  • Why your must consider Patent Litigation issues when writing your Specification
  • What needs to be considered when drafting a quality set of Claims that define your Innovative Concept